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Weald earns it's Green Spots
After months of the nation flying red, white and blue flags, Weald of Kent Grammar School is proudly flying a green flag. Environmentally friendly students from the school shot to the top of the award stakes by securing their first coveted Eco-Schools Green Flag award which symbolises excellence in the field of environmental activity.
The students have been working hard to transform their school’s daily routine into one that benefits the environment and saves the school money. Fifty students from Years 7 to 13 have formed an Eco Forum and they are led by four sixth form students. Each term they have teams that focus on recycling, energy use, the school grounds and communication.
Simple changes, like ensuring that doors are kept closed during the winter, all unnecessary lights are switched off and that paper, cans and other materials are recycled have already cut bills as well as making Weald of Kent Grammar School one of the most sustainable schools in the country. The school has reduced its landfill waste by 50% in just one year, and is now recycling over 40% of all rubbish produced on site.
Solar panels were installed at the school earlier in the year and now, in spite of the weather, are generating electricity for the school, with the savings having already paid for the price of the panels. Since September 1st, the solar panels have produced 19% of the school’s total energy use. The school has also succeeded in cutting its gas usage by 15%, saving a massive 24 tonnes of carbon emissions.
Headteacher Maureen Johnson said, “Obtaining the Green Flag award is something that the whole school and its surrounding community can be proud of. Each student will be able to take away some degree of satisfaction in the knowledge that their actions have significantly altered their local environment. It has been a fantastic initiative for all involved, however it is by no means over, as the greater challenge is to maintain what we have achieved so far and look towards ways of improving even further.”
Emma Perry/Olivia Wareing student green representative said, “We now recycle 50% of our waste and only did a little bit of paper and card recycling before. We aim to increase that to 75% which is possible.”

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